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I’ve always been enthusiastic about great writing, and couldn’t be happier to have turned my passion into a thriving career as a professional. With digital and online technologies continuing to disrupt the more traditional print media, I’ve found it important to provide an accessible place to connect with a wider audience. Here you’ll find samplings of my work, from published stories to more personal pieces, which I invite you to explore and enjoy below.



My Bio

I’m a curious and proactive adventure-seeker. I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and inspired by the positive influence it can have on readers and their perspective on life. I love engaging with the topics and people I write about, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of blogs I feel are worth writing about.

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Book 1

When Carole Power agreed to give up her job as a teacher in a large Comprehensive School, in order to work in a bar in Southern Spain, little did she realise what she was letting herself in for.

It isn't long before she dumps, Lyle, her two-timing boyfriend, gives in her notice at the bar run by his hen-pecked brother, Ben, and dippy sister in-law, Angi, and finds herself in desperate need of a job.

When, Guillermo, a mysterious Spanish neighbour gets himself in a spot of bother, Carole, and new friend, Sarah-Jane, rush to the rescue: this is only the beginning of Carole's great Spanish adventure!




Book 2

Has Carole found the man of her dreams?

Will Guillermo be able to resist the scheming ways of a neighbour?

Life on the Spanish Costa is good – well, that is until the arrival of Perky Perkins and his scatterbrain Project Manager, Angi Bailey.

New residents for Apartamentos Paraiso - Ludo, a Belgian man who breeds pedigree Spitz dogs, and Magda, a soon to be divorced lady from the English Midlands, who is keen to re-invent herself.

Two young Russian visitors disturb the tranquillity of Andreu and Luis, who live in the penthouse. Only after Babushka Ellena confides in another Paraiso resident, does peace resume - well, sort of!

Drug dealing in a local bar, murder in a beauty spot, unexpected birth, death, and marriage combined with a most unusual inheritance, once again, bring romantic chaos to the Costa.




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